Opinous For Restaurants

Reviews are an essential part of SEO for restaurants with the way your business ranks for keywords determined in large part by the contents of reviews.

We know that as a restaurant collecting email addresses from your customers is difficult and that passively asking for reviews doesn't work.

Opinous makes it easy to collect review content from all of your customers with our suite of products and integrations designed specifically for restaurants.

Drive new customers to your restaurant with Opinous

Gather customer feedback with an integrated physical and digital experience

Opinous for Restaurants provides a beautiful end to end customer feedback experience that starts at your physical locations with our Smart Card technology and ends with a seamless digital experience.

Our customisable review collection process allows you to easily collect your customer's feedback and link it back to customisable attributes of your choice such as a particular night's service or a given member of your staff.

Protect your restaurant from malicious actors

When running a restaurant there will always be unhappy customers - but in online reviews often negative reviews are for a different restaurant or are deliberately false as part of a malicious act.

Opinous provides a complete toolset for professionally responding to negative reviews both on our platform and around the web whilst flagging false or abusive reviews for removal by our expert team.

Monitor and Improve your SEO with reviews

Opinous allows you to easily publish and display your reviews to improve your placement in keywords you care about and provide social validation to new customers.

Our deep technical integration with platform like Google My Business and TripAdvisor allows you to effortlessly view key statistics and triage issues from across the web.

Interested in learning more?

Opinous can be setup in under five minutes with no technical support required and is free to try for the first two weeks!

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